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proyectos ingeniería las palmas

We cover all types of projects with extensive experience (more than 500 completed projects) in Industrial Buildings, Commercial facilities, electrical installations of low and high voltage, educational institutions, places of public entertainment and mixed-use buildings.

We count on highly trained technical staff which puts their best efforts, both in the development of projects and construction management, ensuring that these are run meeting the applicable regulations and have its implementation in an efficient way, meeting the established timing.

  • Teror’s auditorium.
  • Vegetables packaging Industry FLORETTE in Las Majoreras.
  • Eggs processing industry at Granadillar in San José del Alamo.
  • Nissan’s industrial workshops, in Tenerife.
  • Several vehicles decontamination centers in Las Palmas and Tenerife.
  • A 400 kVA transformer plant and medium voltage line installation for Saavedra lithography in Arinaga.
  • A 250 kVA transformer plant and low voltage line installation in Barranco de Acusa, Artenara.
  • A 1000 kVA transformer plant installation for Jucarne’s industrial warehouse in Las Torres, Las Palmas GC.
  • A 64 houses residential building, garage and office units in Santidad Baja, Arucas.
  • Numerous projects of low voltage installations for residential buildings, commercial premises, garages and pools.
  • Street lighting for a residential building in Santidad Baja, Arucas.
  • Electrical installations reconditioning in a 240 apartment complex called Aloe in Playa del Inglés.
  • Electrical installations for “Altair” (48 apartments) and Cala D´or (78 apartments) apartment complexes for Cabau Hotels Group in Puerto Rico, Mogan.
  • Padre Collado school in Lomo Magullo, Telde.
  • Several projects concerning elevators in public buildings.
  • LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Installation Projects.
  • Numerous works in shops, office units, paddle tennis courts, and the like in most of Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Fuerteventura malls, for companies such as Mango, The Dock, Calzedonia, Sabina, Orange, Vodafone, DEFA, Encuentro Moda, etc. In addition to a large number of reconditioning and opening projects for other commercial premises around the archipelago and the mainland.


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